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If you’re interested in migrating to Australia, here are some interesting facts about the land Down Under.


  1. Australia’s population is growing by 500,000 a year and is currently around 24 million
  2. Australia is growing faster than any other nation in the OECD
  3. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but nearly 91% of it is covered in vegetation
  4. Australia has 19 world heritage sites, including some of the world’s oldest rainforests and around one-third of the world’s protected marine areas.
  5. Favourite Australian phrases are: “No worries” (no problem), “arvo” (afternoon), and “g’day” (hello)
  6. Australia’s biggest employer is the retail sector
  7. Australia is home to 83 million sheep
  8. The most popular sport for kids is swimming
  9. Australia is home to the world’s largest cattle station, Anna Creek Station, which at 34,000 square kilometres, is bigger than Belgium
  10. Australia was the second country to give women the vote


  1. A quarter of Australians were born overseas and almost half of Australian households had at least one parent born overseas
  2. Together with Switzerland, Australia has the highest proportion of migrants in the western world
  3. Migrants to Australia have excelled in all walks of life. Some famous high achievers include Zhenya Tsvetnenko (IT entrepreneur), Frank Lowy (retail owner), Ruslan Kogan (technology), Arvi Parbo (business leader), Kostya Tszyu (boxing), Tatiana Grigorieva (athlete), Jelena Dokic (tennis player), and Manu Feildel (chef).
  4. In 2014/5 there were 190,000 places available in Australia’s Migration Program
  1. More than 200 different languages are spoken in Australia
  2. Migrants make an enormous contribution to Australia’s economy and provide an estimated fiscal benefit of over 10 billion dollars in their first ten years of settlement
  3. The largest components of Australian immigration are the skilled migration and family re-union programs


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