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Study in Malaysia

Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is fast becoming study destination of choice in the East drawing students from around the world but particularly from South Asia. Its diversity and multiculturalism is unique in Asia and has its own charm.

There are many reasons why you would want to study abroad in Malaysia.

People from different countries with different religious & social backgrounds live and study in Malaysia. It is one of the cheapest study abroad destinations to choose. Not only are the tuition fees comparatively low, but the living expenditure is also quite affordable. You can therefore enjoy decent lifestyle in relatively lesser amount. Moreover its currency Ringgits, is having cheap exchange power as compared to US, Australian or New Zealand dollars or British pound sterling making it cheaper to study and live in Malaysia. The education level in Malaysia may not be as good as European, Australian countries, but institutions are getting better and better with Govt. focus on quality of education. Malaysian government is also investing a lot for improving quality standards of its education system. Slowly but steadily the education standards are catching up with the first world and are recognized as world class. Some universities of Malaysia are already in the list of top 200 universities in the world. It is also establishing relations and partnerships with world class universities. International universities from U.S, UK and Australia have already opened campuses in Malaysia where you could get the same level of education at almost half the cost which you incur in major destination.

No cultural shocks for Pakistani students as Malaysia has similar socio cultural traditions as students are familiar here in Pakistan. Even though you are going there to study but sometimes you could take a break and go sightseeing with your friends in beautiful Malaysia. Its natural beauty, modern and tall buildings are a sight to see. Weather in Malaysia is also just right and moderate. The food that Malaysia has to offer is terrific and mouth-watering for people coming from different backgrounds. You could have biryani as lunch if you’re craving it or try its traditional Nasi lemak or indoo me noodles. Choices are plenty and quality is superb with not much drain on your pocket. So come and study abroad in Malaysia….truly Asia.

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